JSC “Nurbank”

Republic of Kazakhstan, A15E2D3, Almaty, Abaya Ave., 10B
Tel. +7 (727) 250-00-00
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“Leasing Company “Nur Leasing” LLP

General Director — Alexey Mazhuga

Certificate of state re-registration of legal entity 41414-1910-ТОО from 05.06.2008 
Legal address: office 406, Republic sq. 13, Almaty, 050013, Republic of Kazakhstan.

Address: office 406, Republic sq. 13
tel.: +7 (727) 2 501 073, 2 502 143
fax: +7 (727) 2 505 639,
e-mail: info@nurinvest.kz

Date of establishment: 2001 
Form of incorporation: Limited Liability Partnership
Ownership structure: 100% Subsidiary of “Nurbank” JSC
Main activity: Financial Leasing

“Leasing Company Nur-Invest” LLP develops successfully and dynamically for a number of years. We have gained wide experience in financial and operating lease; have established close relationships with large suppliers and partnership with financial institutions.

Financial lease is a type of an investment activity in which Lessor obtains a leasing subject from the Supplier at his own expenses and loans it to the Lessee for a term of at least three years with right of redemption in the future.

Advantages of Leasing company “Nur-Leasing”:

  • Professional specialists;
  • Individual approach to a client;
  • The shortest possible terms of execution;
  • International standards services;
  • Branch network through Kazakhstan;
  • Trade finance;
  • Complete transaction support: search of suppliers, conduction of negotiations on behalf of clients, legal and customs registration of transaction, insurance, delivery to operation place.

Advantages of leasing:

  •  Long-term financing;
  • Renewal of fixed assets and acquisition of the latest available equipment without large one-time costs;
  • Leasing subject is used as collateral, no additional collateral is required;
  • Flexible schedule of leasing payments;
  • Tax advantages:
    • release from VAT in case of the equipment import;
    • reduction of a taxable income of the lessee in amount equal to the interests paid;
    • application of a double amortization norm to the leasing subject during the first year of exploitation;
  • Professional consultation in relation to negotiations with suppliers, negotiation of terms for providing guarantees, preparation of the sales contracts, international contracts and insurance contracts as well as providing of a number of additional services;
  • Leasing can be the only source of financing for those who does not have collateral.

Procedure of leasing transaction:

  • The Lesse shall apply to the leasing company.
  • The Lessor shall conduct project's expertise and negotiations with supplier of the leasing subject.
  • The Lessor shall make a decision at the credit committee.
  • The Lesse, the Lessor and the Supplier shall conclude the trilateral Sale Contract, at the same time the Lesse and the Lessor shall conclude Leasing Contract.
  • Advance payment in the form of pledge, guarantees or cash.
  • The Supplier delivers the leasing subject to the Lesse. Delivery includes transportation, customs registration in case if the leasing subject is imported, its registration and transportation to the Lesse.
  • After the Leasing Contract's maturity and settlement of all leasing payments for “Nur Leasing” company the Lesse obtains a ownership right for the leasing subject.