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Installation of Oracle E-Business Suite at JSC "Nurbank"

12 December

Oracle E-Business Suite is a full-function complex of the integrated business applications that provides an effective management of all aspects of the company’s activity: finance, production, personnel, purchases, logistics, marketing, sales, servicing, relations with suppliers and customers. The overall project cost is 62 million KZT.

The project on the system implementation was started in August 2006 together with LLP “ABS Soft Development”. It was planed that the system’s start up will be March 1, 2007, and the complete start up - on June 1, 2007. All necessary data and manuals were prepared and downloaded to the system by March 1. But the project was not started on time due to some objective and subjective reasons.

According to Andrey Chuchelov, Managing Director of JSC "Nurbank", supervising IT department, in October 2007 the bank’s management decided to start up the system "as we suspend this start up we have less chances for the successful implementation of the project. Thanks to the well coordinated teamwork and work of specialists of LLP "ABS Soft Development" the project was restored during 2 months and the system was implemented".

Within the limits of the further development of Oracle E-Business Suite system special attention will be given to the implementation of the latest technologies on the personnel management. Today it is an overriding task for Nurbank. The stable basis of the future success will be created on the basis of the value of staff, creation of conditions for attraction and retaining of the best bankers, timely personnel preparation for the new business conditions and requirements. The decisions making in all personnel management processes will be based on the full and exact information on each banker.

The project on Oracle E-Business Suite system implementation is counted on the long-term perspective. It is planned to use whole scope of capacities of this complex.

JSC "Nurbank" is among the most high-tech banks of Kazakhstan, it was one of the first banks passed to the real-time centralized data processing, consolidated data and centralized information services management. The Oracle Financial Services Applications system implementation, system implementation of credit histories keeping, internet-banking start up for legal entities was realized by the Information Technologies Department of JSC "Nurbank" during 2006-2007.